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Wild Mane Girl ♥.

#prismacolor #drawing

Wild Mane Girl ♥.

#prismacolor #drawing


MUST SEE & For all concert goers, please stop wearing the Indian headdresses.

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Coachella is capitalizing on offensive Native American appropriation

Needless to say, many Natives are not fans of the trend. But that hasn’t stopped the festival from capitalizing on the “white kids playing Indian” motif and offering tipi rentals for the low weekend price of … $2,200? Paying rent in a New York City rat hole never sounded so good.

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Wearing them as costumes also references a time when “playing Indian” was more common in pop culture, and the media used it to stereotype, dismiss and dehumanize Natives in ways that helped justify their marginalized status.”

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Lessons of Immortality and Mortality From My Father, Carl Sagan

"…it can be dangerous to believe things just because you want them to be true. You can get tricked if you don’t question yourself and others, especially people in a position of authority.” :)

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Metronomy - Love Letters

Michel Gondry directed this music video for the british band.

The camera seamlessly navigates a hand painted cardboard set in one continuous shot.